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My Husband and I are both working, Quite busy and hectic schedule, but we felt happy that we earn twice of what other families earn with a single earning , we were quite happy with saving, When it came to our health insurance. We said to ourselves, “what would happen to us that we would incur a huge medical expense? Let's not worry about it and keep our savings strong.” But trouble was just around the corner.

My Husband started having serious Hip Pain and was not able to walk, it all happened suddenly, Doctor attributed to Avascular Necrosis. They continued to treat him with various treatments, it was Core Decompression, stem cell, and Medication and what not, then finally came to solution of Hip replacement. I still remember the day the doctor called us into his office and gave us the news. Suddenly, all our plans for the present and the future seemed quite trivial against the monstrosity that we now would have to deal with.

The doctor told us that we needn't worry too much as after hip replacement everything would be fine, my Husband underwent Bi –lateral hip replacement, the nightmare had but it also left in total destruction of our finances and left us nearly bankrupt. The doctor's bills, the cost of stay in the hospital – we didn't take chances and had her admitted to one of the most expensive places in the city – and the overall cost of having him treated, tested, treated again, and the loss of income due to taking enormous amount of leaves had rendered us nearly crippled financially. And to think of it, we could have avoided all that heartache – at least by simply opting for a good medical health insurance.
We have learned our lesson the hard way, and now that we have started investing in protection plans right from life insurance to medical insurance, we now have a little less cash in the bank, but we know that we're now ready for any adversity that may come our way. – Mayuri Patil, Director


Demystifying Health Insurance

If you think you do not need Health Insurance; then think again. The uncertainty is the valid reason to get a health insurance. Life is filled with risks. Risk management is indispensable and insurance is just a form of handy risk management.


Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance can be individual or corporate; it is required to protect a person and his family from financial loss caused by the expenses of medical care. It takes care of your health and also prevents you from expenses. Health insurance is a policy, which can be short term or long term and covers for any health related issue. The insurance company pays an agreed sum of money to the concerned policy holder; the risk of death is high for uninsured persons as they do not get disease-prevention service than insured ones.

Health insurance or a medical insurance policy is a shield to protect your health from the impact of illnesses as it helps in reducing the financial impact and also the mental trauma.


Q What Does health insurance mean?

Word insurance is derived from – Sure. Health insurance policy is an agreement between an individual and an insurance company. This policy will include benefits such as tests, medicine, Doctor fees, surgery charges and other medical treatments. When an Insurance policy is issued by the company, then it implies the insurance company has agreed to cover the cost of a particular set of benefits listed in the policy, which are known as "covered services". Cover medical treatment in case of illness and accidents. Get good medical care without worrying about expensive treatment.


Q Why Health Insurance?

Saving money is like earning money, High medical expenses have stretched Common man to uncomfortable financial limits to get proper treatment for himself and his family.


Q How much cover do I need?

If you earn more than 7 lakhs per year, get a cover of at least 7 lakhs. Anything below that, take a cover equal to your annual income.


Q What’s Health Insurance Benefits?

A good health insurance plan covers the following:


Cover for Hospitalization:

Hospitalization cover ensures that expenses on hospitalization are covered by your insurance company. Under this the medical expense includes pre, post tests, doctor fees, room charges, medicines and expenses on surgery.


Cashless Claims:

Most insurance companies provide cashless claims where the medical expenses are directly settled between the hospital and the insurance company.


Tax Benefits:

Health insurance is said to be wise investment, it takes care of your medical emergency and also saves your tax. This is the benefit of health insurance. Tax exemption is received by the insured person on the premium paid each financial year. This implies that while he is protecting his health, he is also reducing his tax deductions and saving money from his income.


Pre & Post-Hospitalization Expenses:

Another benefit of health insurance is that the insurance company also covers the expenses for treatments received prior to hospitalization and during the recovery period and this is very helpful for the insured person as he might not have an alternate source of income during those trying times.


Floater Plans:

It’s called as Umbrella policy, it covers entire family, and Floater plans imply the health insurance that covers the entire family under one policy. The floater plan allows the coverage of the medical insurance policy to be shared among the family members.

This is exactly, why health insurance has become necessary in this fast paced modern world. Health care has also become very expensive. It is very important to procure a health insurance plan and maintain it regularly.


Which insurance? Why this insurance? How this insurance is helpful?

We know you must be lost, to get you a right insurance Apka Doctor has a professionally certified team, which would guide you and help to get best Health insurance available to protect you and your Family form unplanned illness.


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