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Soma Das: My Husband was not well, I had requested him to stay back at home and take rest, I had serious doubts of viral fever, due to month end he was not able to get some tie for himself and do a checkup, I searched on the net and then I found www.apkadoctor.com, where we can gift a health package, this was a new concept to me, as it was economical I ordered for Instant checkup at home and to my surprise the person was at our hoe next day at dot 7 am, it was just took 2 minutes , report also where delivered next day, everything was fine except uric acid was high, consulted to our family doctor about the same. Thank you to gift a health for helping e out to take care of m y husband

Chandrashekar Shetty: I work as Product Head in a MNC Pharma company, I had a conference meet to attend and was out of home for couple of days, when I felt from hoe my daughter was not looking well and she had lose motion, I was worried about it, but was helpless has we had foreign delegates at the conference and we had very important presentation, my wife took m y daughter to doctor and he recommended few checks up to be done, frankly speaking y wife was not aware of any diagnostic centre, I at conference was worried about the same, my heart, mind was at home and I felt very helpless, then my friend told me about gift a health, I just sent an SMS <GAH> to 57333 and y worries were over, gift a health took charge went to my home next day and collected blood sample and the reports were submitted in 24 hours, with the help of the reports my family doctor treated m y daughter, thanks to this novel concept that can take care of medical needs while you are away from home.

Shantilal Shah: My daughter had seen this site and she gifted e NRI royal package, I think this is first concept of its kind, once I came to India from Kenya I confirmed the date and time for the checkup, and what really made me feel happy about the entire package was there was dedicated Health manager – Deepak Dange, who called me one day before the checkup, also instructed me about fasting and car pick up, at 7 am I saw Deepak and the car outside the hotel , we reached hospital at around 7:40 am at Seven Hills hospital and was really happy about the hospital and the infra, my check up started at 8 am, Deepak had been expert with all the process and helped me to move in right direction, doctors were very helpful, I was more happy to see Mayuri Patil –Director coming and giving me special visit, the process got over by 6pm, during entire process Deepak took care of me and never felt lost, we then left by the car at 6:30 pm, i got my reports from Deepak next day, the overall experience of hospital, car pick up, report delivery and Health manager was good, I have promised Mayuri that I would promote this concept in Kenya, I wish the team best of luck.

Sachin: It so happened that me and my wife both work, my wife has a hectic work schedule and has to do lot of traveling, I could feel her back pain and stress she was undergoing, while searching on net I came across Gift a Health, they were offering Ayurvedic rejuvenation as gift package, I thought its great idea and brought it on line, I was very much impressed by the site and the payment process, my wife received kit in 3 days she was very happy and I was speechless that I was able to show “ I care”….. My wife yet to go for massage but it’s very good overall experience.

Tax: Frankly speaking I was looking for tax saving medical checkup, and ended up buying Instant check up at home, I also was able to avail 15% Discount for ICICI Bank customers, good concept keep it up.

Girish: My friends always wanted to experience Thai foot massage, and I gifted him Thai Foot massage for his birthday, he was very pleased and I can see it in his eyes, felt it was worth Rs. 1000/-, thank you for such wonderful gifting product

Name Upheld: I was doubting about Thyroid, was in dilemma, family went on site and sourced Thyroid Package, check up reveled that I have thyroid, when went to my family doctor he said, it at very early stage and can help to come out of it, Thanks to your company for helping me out.




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My Husband was not well, due to month end he was not able to get time for a checkup, then www.apkadoctor.com has arranged for Instant checkup at home and person was at our house next day at 7 am, it just took 2 minutes , report were delivered, I saved 20% on the price. Thanks.

Soma Das:


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